Delivery Model

1. Vambomart may, from time to time or at its discretion, introduce delivery models listed herein below. On introduction of delivery models, Vambomart may, at its discretion, offer these delivery options to all or selected Sellers. All five (5) delivery models are detailed below for the Sellers’ information.

i. Model 1 – Drop-Ship Model – (Default Model)- You will be responsible for packaging and shipping the Product to the Buyer via courier through one of the Logistics Service Providers;

ii. Model 2 – Fulfillment Centre – You may keep the Products in the Fulfillment Centre along with a detailed inventory of the same, Fulfillment Centre shall safety  wrap / safety package and dispatch the Products to the Buyers as per the orders received by the Seller from time to time and in accordance with the directions of the Seller;

iii. Model 3 – Seller Self – You will be responsible for packaging and shipping the Product to the Buyer via any courier service other than the Logistics Service Provider;

2. You shall keep Vambomart informed promptly on any information that shall impact the delivery of a Product to the Buyer.

3. If You prefer to deliver Your Products through Fulfillment Center, as and when this option is made available to You, then the following conditions shall apply :

      • The Products will be insured by Vambomart against fire, burglary, flood etc.
      • In case of pilferage and damages (post Quality Check) risk will be borne by
      • The Product details for reconciliation would be shared as per Seller requirement every fortnight.
      • The Products lying in the Fulfillment Centre, for which order is not placed by the Buyer, shall be returned to the Seller periodically upon confirmation with Vambomart
      • The detail Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of the Fulfillment Centre has been provided at Fulfillment Centre (SD Plus) – Standard Operating Procedure.

4. However, in case of any claim with any insurance company or insurer, the Seller shall fully co-operate with Vambomart and provide all necessary documents as may be requested by Vambomart. However, all claims arising out of the damages, pilferage fire, flood and burglary of the Products, the same shall be subject to the terms and condition of the original insurance cover entered with Vambomart.

5. Vambomart shall not be responsible for any damage to the Products except where a Product is damaged in the warehouse under the Fulfillment Centre delivery model. In the event a Product is damaged in the Fulfillment Centre due to any fault solely attributable to Vambomart, then Vambomart shall only be liable to pay You an amount not higher than the actual cost of the Product paid by You to purchase such a Product.

6. Similarly, Vambomart shall not be responsible for any non-delivery or delay in delivery of any Products to the Buyer unless the same is due to non-dispatch or delay in dispatch of the Seller’s Products available at the warehouse, under the Fulfillment Centre delivery model.

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